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11TB Automatic Nozzle

The Harco 11TB Prepay Nozzle is a standard duty nozzle manufactured for applications needing to transfer gasoline, kerosene or diesel.

11TB Nozzle
  • Precision Control - Top off your customer's tank to the precise amount
  • Full Handwarmer - Protects your customer and vehicle
  • Full and Self Serve - Customized for your customer's needs
  • Aluminum Body - Time proven casting for easy use, and appealing design
  • Replacement Spout - Replaceable with one set screw, minimizing down time
  • Handguard and Lever - Both are Enhanced Nylon 6 with Fiberglass for durability
  • No-Flo Safety Tip Available - Prevents accidental spills when nozzle is dropped or tipped in up position
  • Pre-Pay Model - Offers "No pressure/No flow" safety feature
  • Farm Model - For use on low pressure or 12 volt pumps


  • Body: Sand Cast Aluminum
  • Handguard: Enhanced Nylon 6 with Fiberglass
  • Lever: Enhanced Nylon 6 with Fiberglass
  • Vac Cap: Enhanced Nylon 6 with Fiberglass
  • Packing: Braided Teflon
  • Disc: Viton
  • Inlet: 3/4" NPT (BSPP available upon request)
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