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Harco Breakaways

Harco breakaways give you peace of mind and 24 hour protection for your fuel pumps. Our breakaways help to prevent equipment damage in case of accidental drive aways. We offer three great products, a non-reusable, a repairable, and a snap back for years of safety.

Inline Breakaway

Harco breakaways are designed to prevent damage to your fuel equipment for accidental pull outs, and are easy to repair. Repair kits purchased separately.
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Repair Kits

These inexpensive repair kits install quickly and conveniently into our 3/4" and 1" NPT Breakaways.
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Snapback Breakaway

Harco snap back breakaways separate at 250lbs and are designed to prevent damage in accidental pull outs, They are easy to re-connect, just push and twist.
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